“Can’t say enough good things about Rebecka!! She came to our house and checked out our seats to make sure they were in correctly (they definitely needed some adjustments!). She gave me tips and looked up information regarding our specific seats. Everyone should have her check their kids’ seats. It’s soooo worth it!”
— Thankful Customer
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Happy Clients







We didn't pay her to look this happy, promise! -->


"We are so thrilled! Most pleasant car seat experience to date. My husband is quite anal with installation and even he admitted to learning a few new tips and tricks - THANK YOU!!!!!"

— TK

"Just had my infant car seat installed yesterday and Rebecka was great very informative I even remember to explain it to my husband!!! Would definatly recommend Rebecka again and again!!!"

— W

"Rebecka is super friendly, knowledgable and helped us pick out a car seat suitable for out LO based on our needs. Very helpful in ensuring proper car seat installation! Thanks Rebecka!"

— Mama to 1

"I was so happy to have Rebecka come out and help us with our car seat. We discovered we had not installed it quite right and she assisted in helping us set it up correctly and educating us with a lot of valuable information. I would strongly recommend you give her a call for reassurance or help with your car seats."



"Dear Rebecka,
We want to thank you for all the time you spent with us on our children's car seats. You were always available and easy to talk to. You made it fun to learn about installing carseats! We were at a loss on which carseat to purchase and your suggestions were perfect. Thank you for being available to ask questions late into the evening, and putting hours aside out of your day to help us. You are incredibly knowledgeable about anything and everything that has to do with car seats and vehicle safety. We cant thank you enough for helping us keep our most beloved kiddies safe. THANK YOU!"

— Repeat Customers

"Extremely educational and well work it. We learned so much!!! A must for any parent with children in car seats."

— Thumbs up

"I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to meet with Rebecka. The information she gave my husband and I was incredibly valuable to us as first time parents. We feel much better prepared for our little one's arrival and much more secure about the safety features of car seats, travel with infants and the installation process. Can't recommend this service and Rebecka enough!"

— new mom