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How long should I rear face my child for?

As long as they fit the seat. Your child is safest riding rear facing until at least age 2 and past that is even better.
When children are rear facing, their head, neck and spine are all kept aligned and protected from the force of the collision.

Stage 1: Rear-Facing Car Seats

Download Stage 1: Rear-Facing Car Seats [PDF, 316 KB] Babies have large heads and weak necks. The car seats are angled backwards because babies need extra support while riding in a car. A rear-facing car seat will support your baby's neck in a sudden stop or crash.

What can I put under my car seat to protect my vehicle seat?

What is the best car seat?

The best seat is the seat that fits your child, your vehicle and your budget and one that you can use correctly every time. In Canada we use a pass/fail system for testing car seats. We don't rate our seats, they either pass the required safety standards or they don't.  It's always best to speak to a Technician about the right seat for you before you purchase one...they don't all fit in every vehicle.


Can my rear facing car seat touch the front seat?

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When can I put my child in a booster seat?

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How do I wash my carseat?